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Frequently Asked Questions

Security and Privacy

Can I call and message teachers?

Yes, once signed up you will be able to call and message teachers from our app.

Is my credit card or debit card payment secure through your platform?

We use a secure payment gateway Razorpay which is of international repute. All your payments are secure and safe on Muzicly platform.

How does Muzicly enhance security and privacy for students for online classes?

All Muzicly Teachers are background verified and vetted teachers so you can be rest assured of the safety of your or your children. We in app messaging , call and video call so you don’t have to exchange contacts or share your social media or any other apps with the teacher ensuring classes happen at a highest professional standard.

Customer Care and Comfort

How do I select my teachers and how does Muzicly ensure teacher quality?

Go to Find A Teacher and use the search criteria to find teachers best matched to your instrument, skill level, mode of learning and your preferred language. Unlike classified listings where merit badges are earned through paid subscriptions at Muzicly we are a free to sign-up platform for teachers however we are a true democratic platform where all teachers are onboarded and promoted purely based on their merit and student reviews ensuring the best outcomes every time for the students

How do I reach out to customer care?

You can reach our customer care number on whatsapp from the footer section of the website , or from the menu icon on the top left corner of the website or from the app.

What if I dont like the teacher after booking my classes?

We offer free teacher replacement and will immediately find another teacher for you and you should be able transfer balance classes to a new teacher.