Meet The Founders

Hi there! I pen down this note with utmost gratitude towards all my music teachers and all the musical legacy this country has offered to the world and to all the greatest musicians who have been an inspiration and made this world a better place to live in.

I am a BTech student by education, an BA graduate in kmmc ar rehman academy, a businessman by choice and a musician by passion 

Besides being an entrepreneur, my biggest passion has been music and I have been a lifelong learner myself in Guitar and Keyboard. Needless to say, I have first hand experienced all the bottlenecks in the music learning space, which prompted me to figure out a comprehensive solution to uplift the learning environment, both online and offline.

I currently serve as a founder at the Muzicly Group. I have passionately built and scaled the academy since 2010

It is our commitment at Muzicly group to bring products and services to the community that are relevant, useful and value for money. 

Muzicly is built purely on those guiding principles and will always remain a democratic platform for teachers and students to provide the best in class experience.

Please feel free to connect with me on Instagram.

Come... learn & teach music beyond borders with Muzicly