Parents is a site for online music lessons taught over video conferences with amazing music teachers around the globe. Creating a joyful, safe, and convenient educational experience for our students is our goal.

We welcome students of all ages.

We have created additional account features for parents so that children accounts can simply be added and managed as semi-independent, such as in the case where lessons are being booked for multiple siblings or where the child is learning to manage his or her own schedule to some extent. Lessons for children may also be booked entirely under the parent account without adding additional child student accounts.

Parents have complete access to their children accounts, including lessons booked and messages sent.

Any person casually browsing is able to see teachers' profiles, watch their profile videos, and view articles on The ability to view teachers' schedules, send and receive messages from teachers, and schedule and pay for lessons is restricted to registered users. Users on need to be at least 13 to register an account. Users under 13 need to be registered by a parent.

We check a registering user's age immediately upon registration, prior to gathering any of that user's other personally identifiable information. If the user is under age 13, he or she is prompted to ask a parent or guardian to set up the account.

As with your child in any new interpersonal setting, we encourage you to check it out for yourself - it's easy to attend the lesson, either by being in the room with your child

​If you ever have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us by emailing

Additional Information

Children's Privacy Policy. We have a comprehensive privacy policy regarding children that we encourage you to read (scroll down for ", Inc. - Children's Privacy Policy"). Our children's privacy policy describes how we collect and use personal information collected online from children. It also describes how parents can review the personal information we have collected. A link to our legal policies is posted at the bottom of each page on the website.

Parent Notifications. Only the parent can create an account for a child under 13. Lesson bookings, reminders, and message notifications will be emailed to both the parent and their associated child account.

Parents Can Revoke Registration. We allow parents to revoke their child's registration with us at any time. If you revoke your child's registration, we will delete the personal information that your child has provided to us. If you do not revoke your child's registration, we will use the personal information that your child has provided to us for the purposes stated in this notice. If you want us to revoke your child's registration, respond to the email you receive notifying you that your child has attempted to register with with "revoke."

Terms of Use. Use of all Sites is governed by the "Terms of Use" posted at the bottom of each Site Page. The Terms of Use contain important provisions governing your, your child's and our rights including acceptable conduct on the Sites, intellectual property rights (for example, our right to use information, content and materials submitted to us by your child) and other rights available to you, your child and us. We ask that you read the Terms of Use and ensure that you understand them. If you do not want you and your child to be bound by these terms, you must revoke your child's registration.

By not revoking your child's registration, you agree that you and your child will be bound by the "Terms of Use" in connection with his/her use of Sites and you agree to personally ensure that your child complies with the Terms of Use.

Children Can Participate In Some Site Features Without Registering. If you decide to revoke your child's registration, your child will still be able to surf our site and look at teacher profiles.

What types of information do we collect about children?

Children can surf, and view content, including teacher's profiles and videos without any personal information being collected. We do not collect personal information from children unless they register on sites. The only information we collect from children during our registration process is a child's parent's e-mail address, member name, and password. We validate the ages of our guests, including children. Parents can choose whether or not to create a child's semi-independent account when they create their own registration, or at the time of a lesson booking. Note that all sites that are directed to children under 13 are prohibited by law from conditioning a child's participation in an online activity on the child's providing more personal information than is reasonably necessary.

How do we use and share the personally identifiable information that we have collected about children?

If a child or parent updates the account information to include the child's email address, we will personalize communications to a child, as we would to an adult regarding lesson schedule updates, such as reschedule requests from a teacher or cancellation, as well as upcoming lesson reminders. In addition, personal information regarding a child may be collected and used to enable a child's participation in certain interactive features such as taking a lesson through our video chat platform, instant message chatting, sending e-mail, posting on message boards and other similar activities. These activities may involve disclosure of a child's personal information to third parties. In addition, we may share a child's personal information with third parties to the extent reasonably necessary to: protect the security of integrity of our sites; to take precautions against liability; to respond to judicial process; or to the extent permitted under provisions of law, to provide information to law enforcement agencies or for an investigation related to public safety.

How do we notify and obtain consent from parents for the collection of information from their children?

For children under 13, we only allow registration by the parent. The parent can choose whether or not he or she wants to also create a semi-independent account for the child's separate login. Child accounts are completely accessible from the parent account. Unless the child account associated with the parent account is created by the parent, all email communications from the site will continue to go solely to the parent.

How can parents access, change or delete personally identifiable information about their children?

At any time parents can refuse to permit us to collect further personal information from their child and can request that any personal information we have collected be deleted from our records. We use two methods to allow parents to access, change, or delete the personally identifiable information that we have collected from their children.

A parent can access, change, or delete his or her child's personal information by logging on to the child's account at the site at, or by logging into his or her own account, going to "Manage Child Account" and accessing the child's account through the link provided. There are instructions at login explaining how to recover a password if either child or parent has forgotten it.

A parent can contact our customer service department to access, change, or delete the personal information that we have collected from his or her child by sending an e-mail to Please include the parent and or child's member name and the parent's e-mail address in the e-mail so that we can better assist you with your inquiry or request.

Whom to contact with questions or concerns about our Children's Privacy Policy?

If you need further assistance, please send an e-mail with your questions or comments to