A] Eligibility and Privacy

1. Iam less than 18 years old, what is your policy for students of my age?

Anyone above 13 years of age can have an account with Musicly. However,we require that you have to add your parent's profile,mobile number and email id, so that they co-share the application with you. All your activity on the platform will be notified to you and to them. If you are below 13 years of age, then you cannot have an account, instead you will have to use our platform through an account created and managed by your parents. Please refer to our Kids privacy policy and Terms of use

2. How does lesson recording work?

Lessons on Musicly can be recorded for later review.. When recording is activated, you will see "Recording" on the screen with a blinking red circle. You will be able to record sessions of teachers who have enabled that facility. The recording process automatically stops when the meeting ends, and the video file is automatically attached to the lesson . You can find the video file(s) by going to the individual lesson, under the Menu item Class room, in the 'Completed Classes' tab. You will receive an email with the subject line “Lesson Updated” once the recording has been attached to your lesson and is ready to watch.

B] Finding A Teacher

Go to Find A Teacher and use the search criteria to find teachers best matched to your instrument, skill level, mode of learning and your preferred language. If you are interested in a particular teacher but would like to learn more about his/her approach prior to booking a lesson, you can book a trial to understand the teacher's style of teaching. If you are satisfied with the teacher, you can enroll under the teacher for the available teaching slots shown under his/her calendar.

Yes, under Find A Teacher option, use the filter Learn Music Theory - Formal Curriculum. You will be matched with teachers who are qualified to teach you staff notation and help you with Trinity, ABRSM or RockSchool examinations or even Indian classical diplomas such as BA and MA qualifications